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Learn Rhythm & Fingerstyle Guitar

This six-month course will guide you step by step, week after week, in your journey to learn the most important acoustic guitar techniques and be able to play your favorite songs with ease.


This interactive online course consisting of 24 weekly video lessons accompanied by TAB & Backing Tracks. Basically you'll receive 1 lesson a week for 6 month with all your instructions & home work. Each lesson is full of musical examples from the contemporary repertoire. 

This course is intended not just for the beginner but for anyone who wants to consolidate their rhythm guitar techniques & build a solid foundation on the instrument.

Bonus: 4 Free Extra Lessons (value $24.95)

You'll Learn:

  • All the Indispensable Chords
  • How to develop your Groove &
    Fingerpicking technique
  • Play Songs From the First Lesson
  • Many songs and practical examples from the contemporary repertoire
  • 95 videos and 750 minutes of lessons
  • 4 Bonus Lessons & Much More

Who Is This Course For?

For both the beginner or whoever wants to consolidate their own technique for rhythm guitar


Each lesson is full of practical examples taken from the contemporary guitar repertoire, to help you learn while having fun. Play songs from the first lesson.

Theory & Technique

Understanding both the theory & practical will help you achieve your goals faster.

The Right Steps

The best way to learn quickly is to take the right steps at the right time. The course is divided into 24 weekly lessons and will guide you step by step through this journey.

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  • 1 Weekly Lesson
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  • 1 Weekly Lesson
  • 24 Total Lessons
  • 4 Bonus Lessons
  • Teacher Access

"Are we really at the last lesson? No Ways! Anyway you were right, in a very short time I had great satisfactions from an instrument that until a few months ago I thought I would never be able to play…. Thank you so much Master !!! ; )"

Laura Luppi
Acoustic Guitar Course

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