Fender Telecaster vs Stratocaster


Let's compare the two great Fender guitars - Telecaster Vs Stratocaster.

In this video, we'll look at some basic technical differences but our main focus is going to be the sound that the two guitars offer us.

First of all it must be said that although the Telecaster was the first electric guitar produced by Leo Fender, both guitars are extremely popular and used in various musical genres.

Both have a bolt-on neck, which means that the neck is attached to the body of the guitar by screws and not glued on. Although this technique is renown for not giving as much sustain as the set-in neck joint, it definitely plays a big part in the overall guitar sound. 

One of the technical advantages of a bolt-on is that now you can change the neck much quicker if we wanted to try a different one or in the unfortunate event of a break.

These guitars are so popular that, over the decades, they have been built & customized using almost every component under the sun. All these variations give a different spin on the instruments while trying to maintain mostly the original intended sound. That's why we are not going to talk about pickups, electronics, and woods in this video. 

Despite the different versions of the instruments, the heart of the sound remains quite faithful to the original intention and the purpose of this video is to present you the various sounds we can produce with them.



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